Dr. Jeff Brown

The Winner’s Brain

Train your brain to win with the new science of success

The Winner's Brain book coverYes, the key to success really is all in your head. Train your brain to win with the new science of success.

Contrary to popular belief, winning in life has little to do with IQ, your circumstances, your financials resources, or even luck. But it has everything to do with creating a failure-resistant brain. Every time you think a thought, feel an emotion, or execute a behavior, your brain changes. The good news is you can take charge of this process.

In The Winner’s Brain, Harvard-trained brain experts Dr. Jeff Brown and Dr. Mark Fenske explore the surprising science behind motivation, focus, and extraordinary achievement—and identify eight crucial “Win Factors” to:

  • Reshape your brain to achieve success
  • Make emotions work in your favor
  • Activate your memory
  • Spot hot prospects disguised as problems
  • Tune out distractions
  • Choose the right risks for higher rewards
  • Cultivate your drive to win
  • Keep your brain healthy

Throughout the book, dozens of Winners from all walks of life tell their stories. Many are well known, including B.B. King, Laura Linney and Olympian Kerri Strug. Others are an FBI agent, a fighter pilot, even a high-altitude window washer—all revealing how you really can think your way to the top. The Winner’s Brain is essential reading for anyone ready to unlock their brain’s hidden potential to achieve their ultimate life goals.

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