Dr. Jeff Brown


Dr. Jeff Brown in the officeDr. Brown’s private practice is located in Arlington, Massachusetts. His clients include academics, corporate leaders, parents, athletes, and kids. Dr. Brown’s collaborative style is anchored by cognitive-behavioral theory and interventions, which can be useful to clients who are facing a variety of clinical concerns or those who are taking aim at specific personal success goals. Referral sources to Dr. Brown’s practice include former clients, psychiatrists, primary care physicians, school administrators and teachers, clergy, human resource departments, and coaches.

Dr. Brown trained as a Post Doctoral Fellow in Child and Adolescent Psychology at McLean Hospital and Harvard Medical School, as well as completed postdoctoral training in Adult Psychology at Central Louisiana State Hospital in Pineville, Louisiana. He is one of only a few psychologists licensed in Massachusetts who is certified by the American Board of Professional Psychology in both Cognitive & Behavioral Psychology and Clinical Psychology. Dr. Brown is also a Certified Consultant in Sport Psychology, being certified by the Association for Applied Sport Psychology and served on the organization’s Ethics Committee for several years. Dr. Brown’s expertise and training in cognitive-behavioral therapy lend themselves to an interesting and unique variety of clients and organizations.

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