Dr. Jeff Brown

Think Positive for Great Health

Chicken Soup for the Soul Think Positive for Great HealthYour mind and your body can be best friends for life. Take charge of your health, using your most powerful ally – your brain. Inspirational stories and great medical advice to help you Think Positive for Great Health.

Use your mind to promote your healing and wellness. Experts in positive psychology like Dr. Brown know how to find and harness your inner strength to help you feel better and manage your health and fitness more effectively. Read how other people like you have reduced harmful stress, overcome their healthcare anxieties, and empowered themselves to take charge of their health.

These inspirational stories plus Dr. Brown’s common sense approach will help you:

  • Learn the brain secrets that healthy people already know
  • Reduce stress and anxiety, and increase hope and optimism
  • Build a cognitive behavioral therapy toolbox to promote your health
  • Connect with the right doctors and fire the wrong ones.
  • Implement practical tips and easy ways to stay positive during health crises
  • Take charge of your thinking and behavior
  • Use food and exercise to improve your mental and physical health

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